Monday, August 07, 2006

Republican blogger deletes comments, then complains he can't post here

In the Republican Party dissent is not encouraged. It is usually scrubbed from the agenda or eliminated through intimidation. For an official example you need to go no further than how Sue Jeffers, the only declared Republican candidate in the Governor's race up until days before the Republican convention was treated. She was not allowed to be nominated or speak despite the support she had.

So it's no wonder that the blog of an officer of the Republican Party uses the same tactics. Michael Brodkorb has struck the following comments from his blog:

No Michael,
The only thing I blame you for is practicing the politics of personal destruction. You are symptomatic of what is wrong with the system. You raise the level of discourse without raising the level of debate.

Mr. Brodkorb is more than just "active" in SD 38. He is the chair--an officer in the Republican Party. The organization he chairs coordinates the campaigns of Republicans Mark Kennedy, John Kline, Tim Wilken, Mike McGinn and Lynn Wardlow in the Eagan/Burnsville area. He is also a paid consultant to Mark Kennedy.

Do these candidates support the politics of personal destruction that Brodkorb practices? If not, why do they allow him to be associated with their campaigns?

What needs to be "exposed" is how the Republican Party condones, supports and hires consultants for personal attacks.

I said I would allow Mr. Brodkorb to post again here once he reposts my comment to his blog. Unfortunately, that means a lot of other people can't comment directly through blogger. If you have a comment, you can email me. If you have a complaint about this tactic, send it to Mr. Brodkorb. My policy will change when his does.


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