Thursday, July 27, 2006

Dirty Tricks From Kline Campaign (again)

Congressman John Kline can't change his stripes. Once again his campaign is involved in dirty tricks. In 2004 Klines campaign was caught ripping down his opponent's Theresa Daly's signs as well as illegally having corporations donate in kind to his campaign by posting his campaign signs on corporate property.

This time, Kline tried to be sneakier about it, using a staffer or volunteer to harass bloggers and anonymously attack his opponent Coleen Rowley. Fortunately the paid staffer or volunteer was stupid enough to do the work from John Kline's Campaign ip address and has now been unmasked.

This is Texas style politics of intimidation. That may have worked when John Kline was in Texas, but it shouldn't work in Minnesota.


Blogger LakevilleDad said...

I have more disturbing information about John Kline at my blog. He's outfundraised Coleen Rowley 5 to 1, but where is that money coming from? The same familar names we've seen in the newspapers over the past year embroiled in ethical scandals.

Don't we deserve better from our representative?

7:29 PM  

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