Saturday, July 16, 2005

US Senate Candidates at DFL Central Meeting in Alexandria

First up - Ford Bell. The man you haven't heard about. He didn't need a script. Picked up the microphone and told us who he was, why he was running and what he wanted to accomplish.

Next up: Patty Wettering - she started by talking about her son Jason, but seemed to be scripted. She did better than she did a month ago.

Next: Amy Klobuchar in a "power suit" -- which looked just a bit out of place on a hot steamy July Saturday. Amy usually gives a good stump speech seemingly off the top of her head. Today it was obviously more scripted since she looked to notes several times. That could be the fatigue of the latest campaign blitz, or it could be she was trying out new talking points.

Notable by not being there: Kelly Doran. There was a Kelly Doran table with t-shirts, hats, brochures and other stuff set up in the lobby. All manned by apparently one person. But no Mr. Doran. The only time we saw his face was on the brochures and the very large billboards along I-94 on the way back from Alexandria to the Twin Cities.

Conclusion: Klobuchar may have the most money, but Bell "gets it" more than any of the other candidates about what this race is about. I want to hear more from him. Wetterling is still trying to hit her own stride, but appears to be struggling to find it. Doran, by being a no-show sends the message that he's really not participating in the endorsement process and will see us all in September's primary.


Anonymous jmjm said...

Ford Bell does indeed 'get it'. Fluffy talk and slogans are okay but we need to get beyond just that and address the issues. Where we stand as Democrats, how we distingush ourselves from our opponents and each other.

I've heard from others that voters don't want that, just pretty words, but I don't buy that...If we speak to the issues, how could the public not respond. Everyone needs better roads to drive, a transportation system for their communities, schools to send their children to, affordable insurance that meets their needs, manageable taxes and 'fees'...etc...

It's time to raise the bar on what we want our candidates to address. If nothing else maybe Ford Bell will force the other candidates to address real needs not just stop after referring to their families.

8:28 AM  

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