Monday, June 20, 2005

Republican Blogger shuts down after "facts" questioned

"DP" -- the blogger who ran "Tim Pawlenty vs. The DFL" blog has decided it's easier to ditch the blog entirely rather reveal the source of his poll numbers that reportedly show 70% of Minnesotans oppose a tax increase. Several bloggers called his bluff and asked him how that could be when the latest Star Tribune Poll showed only 30% of Minnesotans thought lawmakers should keep their "no tax" pledge and the rest either thought there should be a solution using budget cuts and raising taxes or just raising taxes.

"DP" will probably sprout up again somewhere with a new identity to spread more lies...or at least poll numbers without a source. Please be vigilant and challenge him if he does so. Lies tend to curl up and vanish when the bright spotlight of truth is turned on them.


Blogger Ginger Gargoyle said...

Star trib polls only count those who take it....the majority of those who take the polls generally will have the same leanings as the paper....can you say "liberal"? It would be like taking a poll of the listeners of KSTP am1500....I'm sure that the majority of their listeners would say "no raising taxes"....just like those who listen to 'CCO would say "go ahead and do it"; it all depends on the polling pool---and if you don't think this happens on both sides of politics (deliberate pool skewing) you are pretty nieve!

12:06 PM  
Blogger Michael M said...

Hey Ginger,
Judging by the other post you commented on when you missed the note that it was a repost of an interview from many months ago, I'm guessing you're not keen on reading details.

The story here was that someone (now more than a year ago) made up poll numbers with out a source. You certainly have a right to believe that any poll may be biased by a number of factors. But you can't check out any of those factors if the SOURCE (such as Star Tribune) of the poll is not given.

By the way, polls done by the Star Tribune, KSTP-TV and other reputable news organizations are NOT limited to just their readers and listeners. Please learn about something before you comment on it. It takes a little time, but it's better than just making assumptions or going on what other people have told you. Educated discourse is why our country's founders strongly supported education. They knew that a democracy can only survive if the people who vote have learned the basics about the issues from a credible source.

5:09 PM  

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