Thursday, June 09, 2005

Read it before you vote on it next time Norm

Senator Norm Coleman is busy trying to change the passport provisions of the National Intelligence Reform Act Congress passed in December. The act requires US citizens coming in from Canada to have a passport. Senator Coleman says this will impact tourism between US and Canada because you'll need a passport to go fishing in Canada.

What's sad is Senator Coleman voted FOR the final passage of this legislation. Now so did 91 other Senators. Then why did Senator Coleman do that? Because he (and a lot of other Senators) DIDN'T READ THE LEGISLATION which weighed in at 3,000 pages.

This is the same way the "Patriot Act" passed. Nobody read the damn thing. It's time Senator Coleman (and a lot of others) stop spending some much time on partisan bickering and showboating (such as going to New York during the Democratic Convention to be the mouthpiece for the Republican agenda) and spend some time DOING THEIR JOB.

What's really sad is we've grown so used to this type of partisanship before citizenship that the media doesn't ask Senator Coleman why he voted for this in the first place.


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