Thursday, July 14, 2005

Podcast: Sen. Durenberger says Mark Kennedy is "Stuck in the Texas Republican Party"

Former U.S. Senator Dave Durenberer has let it be known before that he's not too happy with the way the extreme right has taken over the Republican Party. But now he's upped the criticism calling it "the Texas Republican Party" -- a reference to the tactics Karl Rove used to engineer Bush II's rise to power in Texas.

It's that "win at all costs mentality" that has put this life-long Republican at odds with many of the policies of the Bush Administration. Hear how he paints a dim picture of Governor Pawlenty, questions President Bush's motives in Iraq and just speaks with complete candor about the things many politicians won't talk about.

It's another exclusive interview at "Inside Minnesota Politics With Peter Idusogie". Very good listening!


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