Friday, July 08, 2005

Podcast Pt2: Rowley exposes the cheaters

Part two of the interview with Congressional candidate Coleen Rowley is now posted at "Inside Minnesota Politics" . The theme of her campaign is ethical decision making. At the FBI she saw first hand what happens when ethics don't figure into a decision. She tells us stories about how an Army Corps of Engineers employee was punished when she refused to approve a multi-year contract for Halliburton. Rowley says it's the "win at all costs" mentality that leads to a "cheating culture" and ultimately our President misleading the American public into war. (See the Downing Street Memos) A fascinating interview about the loss of ethics and consequently the loss of trust in our government.

There's more to this interview. In Part one Coleen and Peter discussed her run for Congress and the lack of ethics displayed by her opponent Rep. John Kline. If you missed the interview
it is still available online.

Next week: Former US Senator Dave Durenberger says "I don't believe this nation is at war" and flatly declares "we were wrong" for invading Iraq. Why is this long-time Republican at odds with the Bush administration? Listen and find out.


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