Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blinded by the "no new tax" cult

Why is it that people who complain about high taxes support the Republican Party? Don't they get it that their party is sticking it to them to appease the super rich?

Today's case in point comes from Apple Valley. Wilton Anderson writes the Eagan Sun Current to confirm he is one of the "suburbanites who has traded ( 21-year-old homeless illegal immigrant Francisco) Serrano's well being in government program cuts for a few tax dollars. For that I am sorry, but I have no more tax dollars to give."

Judging from the newspaper articles, and city council minutes Anderson is a regular at meetings complaining about property taxes. A check of the Dakota County property records shows he owns a house and two vacant lots on Long Lake in Apple Valley. On all three properties he pays about $3,774 a year in property taxes.

Yet this guy consistently supports conservative candidates who continue to tax him at a higher rate than the richest Minnesotans. If he's like most of us he's paying an effective tax rate of about 12% while the richest 1% are paying just 8.2%.

I suspect he's not stupid. He's just been blinded and misinformed by the "no new tax" cult that runs the Republican Party.


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