Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Fairness and the Gov's tax proposal

Here's an example of how you apply the "fairness" part of the DFL brand:

Governor Tim Pawlenty's tax proposals are not fair. They raise taxes on those who can least afford it and continue to give tax breaks to those who make the most.

Hold it. You said tax proposals? The Governor's proposals don't contain any taxes.

The Governor's proposal contains no proposal to change state income taxes. But the net effect of his proposal and the previous budgets he has approved is to raise property taxes and fees.

Assume for the moment that we pay about 1/3rd of our income in total taxes (Social Security, Income Tax, Property Taxes, Sales Tax, etc) and your property tax bill went up $200 last year. That increase disproportionally falls on those making the least.

The person making $40,000 pays nearly 4 times more in taxes as a a percentage of income or as a percentage of tax increase.

To sway public opinion the DFL needs to start speaking in these terms. Not just occasionally, but pound it home in every communication. Making people who make less pay more IS NOT FAIR and that's exactly what the Governor has done and is proposing to do.


Blogger Jerry Plagge, Jr. said...

Isn't there a flaw in the formula? Would the $150k individual own a more expensive house, therefore making his property tax increase higher. Nice try!

12:25 PM  

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