Saturday, February 05, 2005

Dayton energizes State Central meet

(Anoka, MN)
US Senator Mark Dayton made a few predictions about the 2006 race at Saturday's DFL State Central Committee meeting.

"The lies they tell (about me) will be nasty," Dayton said of the Republican campaign that has made him the number one target for 2006. "But the truth I will tell about them will be just as nasty."

Dayton said he will have plenty of ammunition and recounted the lies that President Bush, Condoleezza Rice and other administration officials have told the American public.

He said he did not vote to confirm Alberto Gonzales for Attorney General because of the bad advice Gonzales gave President Bush.

"He told Bush he's above the law. That's not just wrong -- that's dangerously wrong."

The remark drew a standing ovation from the 400-plus DFL delegates and alternates.

Dayton also took aim at one Republican expected to run against him, Representative Mark Kennedy. He noted that several years ago, Kennedy had written President Bush urging the privatization of social security. But more recently, Kennedy has refused to discuss his position on social security.

"Not only will I discuss my position," said Dayton, "but I'll disclose it as well."

Dayton is strongly against privatizing social security.

"Bring 'em on" shouted one delegate as Dayton wound down his speech.

"When we say 'bring 'em on', we stay and fight," said Dayton. "We don't go hide in Crawford, Texas."


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