Friday, June 02, 2006

Weak GOP support for Mark Kennedy

Look at the numbers and you'll see that even the GOP's support for U.S. Senate Candidate Mark Kennedy is waning. The MN GOP has 2,011 potential delegates to the state convention. Only 923 bothered to show up...raising a question at one point whether the party had enough delegates for a quorum. Then among those delegates 16.9% voted for Kennedy's token opposition. In other words, of the potential 2,011 votes for Kennedy he got 767 or 38.7%.

Kennedy is trying to run away from his record. In his acceptance speech he said he would "vote based upon principle, not party or president or pressure from Washington lobbyists". Yet Kennedy is considered a Bush loyalist with a better-than-95-percent record of voting with the president. Who are we to believe? Mark Kennedy's record or Mark Kennedy's promises?

Conservative talk show host Jason Lewis says Republicans are in trouble. "What's hurting them is they're in charge, they're spending more money than the previous Democratic Congress, and as an incumbent Kennedy has been part of that."