Thursday, March 17, 2005

Kennedy losing support?

Mark Kennedy apparently sounded very bad Wednesday morning on KSTP-AM. Several of his supporters are taken aback by his answer to a question about homeland security. Kennedy was reportedly asked about a slip up in Hawaii where the state had posted a confidential report about terrorism on its website. He apprently went into a "blame the media" act which did not come off very well to his supporters.

Details in the Republican blogs at:
Residual Forces
Koolaid Report

Did anyone hear (or tape) the show and can add more detail?

It sounds like something that needs to get wider media exposure.


Blogger Retired Old Rat said...

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8:33 PM  
Blogger Retired Old Rat said...

This response from Mark should not be suprising to anyone. First, he didn't have a scripted response. Maybe he could have said something like "if my mother was watching the cupboard on this it would never have happened."

Secondly, standard GOP strategy to blame the media.

With Mark's total lack of original thought, he had no choice.

8:34 PM  

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