Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Bachmann "sky is falling" alert

Last November, 13 Republican Representatives were voted out of office because the legislature accomplished little in 2004. One of the major reasons little got done was Rep. Michele Bachmann's attempt to amend Minnesota's constitution to legalize discrimination against gays.

You think the Republican party would have learned from that painful experience. Apparently not as evidenced by her Bachmann's announcement today.

Let's take a look at few of the important pressing issues facing the legislature this session:
1) Unbalanced budget with no "accounting tricks" left to use or funds left to raid.
2) An unguarded border to our north and no money to secure it.
3) A system that taxes the poor at nearly twice the rate of the rich.
4) Deteriorating roads and other infrastructure

These are all real pressing problems that get a 10 on the pressing issue scale

Oh yes... and then there's the "threat" gay marriage poses to us.

Rep. Bachmann somehow believes if we don't act, gays will be in our schools recruiting children to become homosexuals. I'm not exaggerating... listen for yourself.

In terms of threats, this ranks just below preventing attacks by little green men from Mars.

If Republicans really want to avoid a repeat of the last legislative session and the consequences it had for them, they'll kill her bill in committee.


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